Renewable energy operator expands team

New AD operations firm Eco Verde Energy (EVE) appoints two senior directors to oversee the operation of four large scale biogas plants in England.

Chris Waters joins the team as ‘cluster’ operations director in January, following Richard Braybrooke’s appointment in a similar role in December.

Mr Braybrooke is responsible for managing operations at Ellough AD and Holton Renewable Power in the East of England, while Mr Waters will be taking on Attleborough AD Plant in Norfolk and Brigg Lane Biogas in Lincolnshire.  

“I’m incredibly excited to be joining EVE at this time. The company has grown impressively quickly since its launch in 2020 and is already managing all operations at seven plants, as well as providing additional advisory and maintenance services,” says Mr Waters.   

“There’s also a huge amount of proficiency in the team, with experts in compliance, health and safety and management services, as well as operations,” he says.  

Mr Waters has seven years of leadership experience in the AD sector, having worked at director level on several AD plants. He is already familiar with the current expansion project at Attleborough through his previous work at Adapt Biogas. 

“It’s fantastic to continue being involved with the developments at Attleborough. My aspiration is for it to become a flagship plant, demonstrating how AD technology can enable a true circular economy by making use of local food waste to produce enough biogas to heat the entire town.”

Mr Braybrooke is also planning improvements at both Ellough and Holton.

“In the short to medium term we’re concentrating on ensuring all the plants in the EVE portfolio are running as consistently and efficiently as possible. We are aiming for steady performance, without peaks and troughs,” he says.

“Part of our strategy is to concentrate on preventative maintenance, which means we are perfecting our routines and system checks to the point where we can be reliably predict when equipment may fail and ensuring we have critical spares ready, to avoid disruptions to the digestion process,” he explains.

Mr Braybrooke has worked in the AD sector for seven years, with experience of project managing site development as well as management of AD plants.  

“The past few weeks of working within EVE have given me ample reason for optimism,” he says.

“The dedicated approach to operations and management is working really well as we strive for the plants in our portfolio to function optimally in all areas, from feedstock management and equipment maintenance, through to the efficiency of processes in the back office.”

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