New entrant into AD operations signs up five AD plants

A specialist supplier of anaerobic digestion (AD) operations and management services is launching this month having secured contracts for five AD plants. Eco Verde Energy (EVE) is a new option for AD plant owners and developers looking to outsource operations to an experienced specialist.

The purpose of the company is to enable AD plants to achieve maximum outputs and return on investment, regardless of whether the owner has a single AD plant or an extensive portfolio.

EVE intends to deliver exceptional operational, advisory and back office support to manage plants with optimal efficiency and profitability, driving industry standards up. EVE will also offer consultancy and advisory services to AD plants looking to improve processes or expand.

By improving outputs from EVE-managed AD plants and through advice to others, the company is planning to contribute towards the decarbonisation of heating through the production of biogas. This is a fundamental for the UK to meet its legally binding net zero carbon emissions reduction target.

The leadership team includes specialists in AD operations, financial management and health, safety and environmental compliance. The company will also create further employment opportunities within the renewable energy industry.

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